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We are looking for a young couple to take on the Herb Nursery for another generation under a long lease. A keen interest in herbs is essential along with hardiness and dedication. The web site details the plant collection, and the drone video gives a good view of the herb garden. Help will be available when needed.

A new three bedroomed eco house is available on site as part of the lease.

The couple should ideally be in their 30's and have the following qualification ...Diploma in horticulture with plantsmanship or similar. Experience necessary should have been at assistant head gardener level or similar.

Some of the qualities necessary for the position are...

  • Ability to run and maintain the nursery to its present standards
  • Able to run a small business, sometimes working long hours as necessary.
  • Hardiness ,being able to work outside in variable weather conditions
  • Multi tasking and skilled in maintenance of all relevant kinds
  • Stamina and strength when needed
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Good health, both physical and mental
  • Team working skills
  • Good communications both in the garden with customers and other activities such as guided tours for garden societies and workshops.
  • Enterprise and fortitude.

On acceptance, we would offer a short term lease of the house and garden. On this being satisfactory to both parties this would be extended with a long lease.

We would be nearby should any advice and help be needed, for example we could provide holiday cover whenever necessary.

It would be important that we all work together as a team providing mutual support.

Contact Duncan Ross by email.

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