Frequently asked questions

When is mail order available for plants?
We can provide a limited service from FEBRUARY to MARCH and from SEPTEMBER to OCTOBER.
To which countries can you send to?
Only to Scotland, England and Wales (due to Brexit). Sorry we are no longer able to send plants and seeds to EU countries and Northern Ireland.
How are the plants and seeds sent?
By Royal mail first (untracked) post. They usually arrive in a day or two.
When can I order plants and seeds?
Orders for plants can be made from January to March and from late August until late November. Seeds can be ordered at any time.
How do I order?
Please fill in the online order form which can be accessed via the order page, then send it to us.
What is the procedure?
After we receive the online order form, we will reply with availability and the delivered cost. Payment should be made soon to reserve the plants. if we do not hear from you will assume the order is no longer required.
Will I have to wait for delivery?
There is usually a queue for the dispatch of orders so best to ORDER EARLY. We will let you know which month they could be sent. Most orders are sent in the spring and autumn.
If I order in March will the order be sent in April?
It will probably be sent in early autumn. It is best to order for spring delivery in the winter months of November, December and January.
Can you send Lawn Chamomile and Basil plants?
Yes these would be sent from mid May/early June.
Do you have a minimum order value for plants?
Yes £20 plus delivery.
What is the cost of delivery?
See the order page.
How much do the plants and seeds cost?
Each species is detailed on the web site with price. See the "catalogue" page.
How do I pay for the order?
By bank transfer, our bank details are on the order page. Please use your surname as a reference.
When are seeds available for sale?
We can send seeds out almost any time of year. Please fill in the online order form.
Do you have minimum order value for seeds?
Yes £10 plus delivery.
Can I come and collect plants?
Please fill out the order form on the website making a note it is for collection and allow at least 7 days before collecting.
How should I pay for your click and collect service?
You can pay for your order on collection. Cash or card payments are accepted.
Why is the mail order delivery charge more than the postage cost?
This covers our time for packing and associated materials
How are plants sent by mail order?
We are now sending most plants with a root ball. Plants will be unpotted and then wrapped in paper. Some plants will still be sent bare-rooted wrapped in moss depending on availability.
What do I do when I receive the parcel?
Open it up and take out the plants. Carefully unwrap them taking off the moss, moisten the roots if dry, then plant out or pot up.
Is the package compostable?
Yes all materials are, apart from the rubber bands which could be reused.
Are your plants and seeds organically grown?
Yes for 46 years all organic/biodynamic and Demeter certificated.
Is there more information on this?
Yes see the publication page.
Where should I grow the plants?
If hardy grow outdoors either in the soil or containers. If half hardy or tender grow in a greenhouse/porch or sunny window.
If it is frosty on arrival what should I do?
Pot up the plants and keep in a frost free place like a cold greenhouse or polytunnel, Then plant out when the weather has improved.
How should I pay for plants bought in the nursery if I come to have a wander around and then make a selection?
We can accept card and cash payments.
I am beginner at gardening, can you tell me how to grow the herbs?
Most common herbs are very easy to grow and should thrive in a moderate well drained soil or compost with a sunny position. If growing in a pot, use a loam based John Innes 2 or 3 type compost, better still make your own compost and add some grit or perlite for drainage. Growing instructions for each species are not given but we recommend reading our Growers Guide to Herb gardening.
When do I sow the seeds you produce?
Because seeds vary a lot in their germination requirements, look at the growing instructions on the key here - each seed packet is coded.
What do the grow codes and abbreviations mean beside each listed plant?
Click here to open a printable window containing a key to the abbreviations used.


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