Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to 'phone you for advice or orders?
Between 12 and 1, or 6 to 7pm, Monday to Friday, (not at weekends) on +44 1381 610352. We recommend that you carefully read and understand all the faqs beforehand. Mail order operates in the spring and autumn.
Can I place an order online?
Yes by using our order form. We will reply giving price and availability. For payment details, see the order page.
How are plants sent by mail order in the UK?
They are taken out of their pots, washed, labelled and wrapped in moist moss. We usually send UK orders by Royal Mail first class mail which is a one or two day service; a next day UK special delivery service is also available at extra cost. ; this is sent on a tuesday, arriving on Wednesday morning by 1 pm.
When are the plants dispatched to the UK?
They are sent on Tuesdays by Royal Mail first class, and should arrive within one or two days. A next day service is also available, see the order page for details. We do not usually send plants from early April until late August, also in the winter months of December and January.
How long does it take from ordering to delivery?
This depends on plant availability and season. We aim to send orders within three to four weeks in spring and autumn. Due to the number of orders we receive, we are not able to offer a next day or next week service. For spring orders, enquire from December to mid March; for autumn orders, ask from late August until mid October. Orders received in April will not usually be delivered until the autumn, orders received in November would probably not be delivered until the spring. Order early to avoid delays.
Do you send plants in the summer?
We do not usually send plant orders from early April to late August. (We can send Basils and other tender plants, plus Lawn Chamomile plantlets from May to August weather permitting). Seeds and dormant bulbs are available throughout the summer.
I am not at home every day to receive a parcel, what should I do?
Inform us when ordering of a safe place for postie to leave your parcel if you are out during the day; we will write your instruction on the parcel, so that you do not have to go to the local post office depot to collect. We cannot be held responsible for plants that have not been delivered due to there not being anyone at home to accept them. It is also recommended that you leave a note on your door saying where postie should put the parcel if you are not at home.
If ordering by special next day delivery, you must be at home to sign for the parcel which should arrive by 1pm on a Wednesday.
What should I do when the parcel arrives?
Take the plants out of the parcel straight away and take off the moss wrapped around the roots. Drop them in water for a few minutes and then plant or pot up, watering again if the weather is dry. If hot, keep cool and moist and plant or pot in the evening; if very cold and frosty provide protection until the weather improves.
Why does the delivery charge cost more than the price of postage?
The charge includes materials and handling.
Do you accept orders for photo-shoots and show gardens?
No we do not offer this service.
I live in a EU country, can plants be sent?
We are sorry but due to Brexit, and associated excessive bureacracy and expense, we are no longer able to send plants to EU countries.
I live outside The EU, is it possible to have plants and seeds sent?
We are not permitted to send plants to the USA and Canada and other countries, however we can send small amounts of seeds, to many countries. Please ask for a quote. All dependent on plant and seed health regulations.
I am beginner at gardening, can you tell me how to grow the herbs?
Most common herbs are very easy to grow and should thrive in a moderate well drained soil or compost with a sunny position. If growing in a pot, use a loam based John Innes 2 or 3 type compost, better still make your own compost and add some grit or perlite for drainage. Growing instructions for each species are not given but we recommend reading our Growers Guide to Herb gardening.
What do the heights given after each species name mean?
These indicate the average height of the mature plant. It is not the size when sent by mail order, we produce young plants for you to to grow on to maturity.
When do I sow the seeds you produce?
Because seeds vary a lot in their germination requirements, look at the growing instructions on the key here - each seed packet is coded.
What do the grow codes and abbreviations mean beside each listed plant?
Click here to open a printable window containing a key to the abbreviations used.
My plants are small and have arrived without leaves, why is this?
It is because it is the dormant season, they will grow again in the spring and become larger provided you care for them properly.
Can I reserve plants for collection from the nursery?
Yes send in the online order form with a note saying which a week you would like to collect. We will get back to you with availability and price. It is important that you give us a week or two notice.
I have been waiting for my order to arrive for some time, what is the delay?
Your plants are either not ready to transplant or the weather conditions are not suitable. Patience is a virtue that creates good gardeners!


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