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At Poyntzfield Herb Nursery we specialise in the cultivation of herb plants and seeds using organic and biodynamic principles.

We offer for sale over 400 varieties, either from the nursery or by mail order (including overseas countries).

The herbs originate from countries all over the world but we include in our range plants native to Scotland that have herbal properties. The nursery is situated on the Black Isle - a low peninsula surrounded by sea lochs, hills and mountains. Because of the high latitude and long winters, all plants are hardy, suitable for almost any garden.

We have been growing herbs organically since 1976 and the quality of many species has been enhanced by propagating only from plants known to have hardiness, health, vigour, resistance to pests and diseases, good scent, colour and flavour.

Botanical tours of India, Nepal and Sikkim have allowed us to introduce some unusual medicinal species. Several botanical tours of Japan have enabled us to provide a better representation of their edible and medicinal herbs, mainly from the Kampo tradition. The Japanese have a great respect for and understanding of nature and its multiple remedies; this is also our speciality from which we hope you will be involved by growing and using your own herbs to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle.
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